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Melissa Fu

Melissa Fu grew up in the southern Rockies, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She has lived on both the US coasts, in the Midwest, and in Texas. Currently, she lives in Cambridgeshire, UK. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Words and Women:Two and Four, Bare Fiction, Envoi, Bitterzoet Magazine, Right Hand Pointing, Night Music Journal and other publications. Melissa’s story, A Suite for My Father, was the regional winner of the Words and Women 2016 Prose Competition. With backgrounds in physics and English, she spent many years working in education, both as a teacher and a curriculum consultant. In 2014 Melissa combined her loves of writing and teaching to start Spilling the Ink, a small business offering creative writing courses and coaching.

Found on the web at: www.spillingtheink.com