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London’s Word Factory is the national organisation for short story excellence. Run by writers, not for profit but for passion. Word Factory is for everyone who loves stories, bringing brilliant writers and readers together for conversation and fun. Meet our authors, join our masterclasses and make use of our advice, news and information.

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Our monthly readings feature the best contemporary writers in an intimate and relaxed environment. Join us at these events, get involved and enjoy great story telling. Here’s a flavour of what’s on offer…

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On solitude: a writer’s discourse

Natalia Theodoridou is a Word Factory Apprentice Award Winner (2018/2019). Here she reflects on writing and solitude. I love solitude. One of my favourite places in the entire world is my parents’ seaside house in Siviri, Greece. The name references Siberia–because it can get very cold at night, because there are very few people there […]

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Our exclusive archive captures the imagination and wisdom of the world's leading short story writers, each film providing an invaluable resource for writers and readers alike.

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